Thursday, November 21, 2013

@EASE Embracing A Solution Everyday

@Ease with Dr. Denyse Ray
An amazing opportunity has been presented to Ease Collection to participate in a pilot for a reality
show about the apparel manufacturing industry through the eyes of Dr. Denyse Ray and her Team Ease and what goes into achieving success in a mainly male dominated industry. The locale couldn't be lovelier, which is in Hawai'i, paradise! Believe me when I say that this will not be another run-of-the-mill reality show.

Many Fashionstas enjoy an hour of superfluous television viewing from time to time resulting in the the success of many of the reality shows of today.  From glimpses into the lives of the rich and famous to basketball or mobsters wives; from deep sea fishermen tales and crocodile trappers to chefs, singers and models all vying to make a name for themselves, there are wide ranges of "reality" shows on any given night. The list of shows seems endless when you include the bizarre realm of reality where hoarders quandary is the disposal of things while the "shopping networks" encourage accumulating more things. Refreshingly new and innovative reality entertainment is what you can expect from @Ease.

As the blogger and global ambassador @ Ease Collection, I use the written word to spread awareness about our company. But through the media of television, we'll have the ability to share a "day in the life" of modern day manufacturing, in an age where outsourcing is diminishing. This effort will be, to say the least interesting. And while it will be family friendly it will be entertaining for all who want to be in the company where we truly do "Embrace A Solution Everyday."

There are a few tidbits that are available to preview as @Ease is being marketed! Let us know your thoughts here or on the Ease Collection Facebook page. See us soon on Reality!

That's a wrap!

Your Global Fashion Ambassador, 

Photo Credits:
Ease Collection
Michael Snoopy Wells
Hawai'i Actors Network

Kathy L. Aldinger

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  1. Hi Kathy, thanks for steering me in this direction. I've just finished reading 4 of your posts. I've been having trouble posting a comment, so hopefully this one goes through. I may have to use anonymous. Sometimes that works. What a fun job you have! I enjoyed reading your work. It will be exciting to see if the reality show takes off. I'll watch for it! :-) Dawn at Tales From the Motherland